Do you have areas in your home that could use extra natural light? Adding a skylight could also be a great energy efficient way to give natural light into a dark space. Before you decide to place install a skylight, read on for some points to consider when making your decision.

Skylights with sides and depth are better suited if you would like focused light that enters the space. Did you know that the shape of the skylight affects where the sunshine goes within the room? If you’d just like the sunshine to open, install a skylight that flares instead of one with straight sides.

Does your home feel small and cramped? Room additions are expensive but the installation of a skylight can be better suited for your budget. Rooms can feel smaller than they are when the sunshine can’t reach all the corners of the space. All it takes is one skylight placed well to make a huge difference within the space.

Heat gain can make your home too warm, especially in the summertime. To eliminate heat gain, install a cutaneous skylight from dual tempered insulation glass with low coatings. Roofers also recommend bronze-tinted skylights, especially if the skylight is installed on the west side of the house. You can further minimize the heat gain by installing the skylight with a lower slope. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests installing at a slope that’s 5-15 degrees lesser than your home’s latitude.

Another way to keep your home cool and still enjoy the natural light that skylights offer is to install a skylight that will vent. This enables fresh air into the space and lets the heat out. For easy use, choose skylights that have an electrification functionality instead of ones that open manually.

Consider installing automatic skylights that have rain and heat sensors, if your budget allows. The sensor detects temperature and moisture, opening the skylight when it gets too hot and shutting it when it senses rain. Most automatic skylights also accompany programmable remotes. No matter what kind of skylight you decide to install, confirm your roof is capable of supporting it, and make any necessary repairs or renovations before installing skylights, if there are any obvious problems with your roofing structure or the materials.

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