Roofing Pavers

A flat roof can have so many more possibilities. By installing a roof top paver system the roof area can be transformed into a beautiful outdoor living area, entertainment area or more! Flat roof pavers create outdoor leisure areas that can be both functional and beautiful. The flat roof is still intact and will provide the top level of protection for the house or building. But adding roof pavers adds value to the property, and can be more appealing to residents in buildings that house tenants or even office space of commercial buildings, or potential buyers of homes.

South Jersey Elite Roofing can install all types of roofing, including roof paver patio systems. Commercial roofs can serve as patios with roof pavers when installed in the right setting. We think of flat commercial roofing as a means of protection for valuable commercial property and inventory. But, for the right setting, these types of flat roofs can serve a dual purpose and become valuable outdoor living or entertainment space!

Our experienced roofing crews at South Jersey Elite Roofing install a wide range of flat roof and commercial roofing projects. From residential to small commercial buildings to large industrial facilities, we are qualified, skilled and knowledgeable in all types of roofing!

Trained & Certified Roof Repair Technicians

Call us to assess the damage to your roof and give you a firm estimate on the cost to repair your roof. Often repairs are enough to extend the life of your roof for years to come.  Check your home improvement records to see how long ago the roof was replaced or reshingled. Knowing when your roof was installed and what materials it is made of provides some insight into how much life your roof has left. A standard asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 25 years, while a roof installed over an existing layer of shingles should be replaced after 20 years.

If a full roof replacement is necessary, we will work with you & your budget to determine what new roof is best for your home in South Jersey.

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