Fall in love with your home all over again by updating its appearance with gorgeous siding from South Jersey Elite Roofing. Homeowners in South Jersey and Philadelphia areas can rely on our skilled siding contractors to beautify the exterior of their homes with durable and aesthetically pleasing products, as well as excellent workmanship. We proudly offer:

  • Vinyl siding – Beautiful, low-maintenance, and energy efficient vinyl siding is available in an array of profiles, colors, and finishes. Vinyl siding is constructed out of a PVC plastic resin, which makes it remarkably strong. And unlike wood, it won’t warp, rot, or chip. It’s also extremely low maintenance and one of the cheapest materials around to use for siding.
  • Fiber cement siding – This type of siding has a long life span, is extremely durable, largely weather-resistant, and resistant to warping and rotting. Aside from the functional and cost benefits, fiber cement siding also provides a lot of versatility with style and textures.
  • Expert siding installation – Our highly skilled installation team is professionally trained to install your new siding to your satisfaction and according to best practices, so that you receive the maximum benefits of your investment.

Whether you’re replacing your siding out of necessity — due to age or existing damage — or are simply updating the look of your home in South Jersey, our products and installation will ensure your complete satisfaction. Because all the products we use are made from high-quality materials, you can rest in the fact that your new siding will:

  • Resist damage from pests and prolonged exposure to the elements
  • Require minimal regular maintenance to keep it looking like new
  • Reflect your style and design preferences with many different styles and colors to choose from
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Fit perfectly on your home due to the skills of our professional siding installation team

For more information, and to get started on your project, contact South Jersey Elite Roofing today!

Trained & Certified Roof Repair Technicians

Call us to assess the damage to your roof and give you a firm estimate on the cost to repair your roof. Often repairs are enough to extend the life of your roof for years to come.  Check your home improvement records to see how long ago the roof was replaced or reshingled. Knowing when your roof was installed and what materials it is made of provides some insight into how much life your roof has left. A standard asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 25 years, while a roof installed over an existing layer of shingles should be replaced after 20 years.

If a full roof replacement is necessary, we will work with you & your budget to determine what new roof is best for your home in South Jersey.

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