Roof replacement is a key decision that should not be treated lightly. Mostly roof composed of asphalt shingles that probably last about 20 years. No matter your house’s size, this project needs the right people and product in your corner. But another important element to consider with a roof replacement: weather. 

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s time to call the South Jersey Elite Roofing team who installs an affordable roofing system that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

As experts, we understand the change in weather can largely impact your roof replacement. We’ll highlight and share the insights on the best time of the year to undertake a roof installation project so you can determine which is best for you!

Winter isn’t the best time for roof repair or replacement as cold temperature makes roofing materials and shingles hard and brittle. Even roofers’ instruments do not work well during the cold, and sealants adhere to each other much more slowly than in higher temperatures. 

Don’t overlook if your roof faced few minor issues, as these will only worsen over the winter as snow accumulate, melt, and refreeze. If possible, plan to get your roof leak repair or replaced in spring. Believe us when we say that the spring season is not as busy in the roofing industry as it is later in the summer and fall.

Planning roof repair in summer? The best time of summer for getting residential or commercial roofing is at the beginning of the summer. The middle of the summer may not be the best time because temperatures are higher here in South Jersey. 
Therefore, humidity and high heat can cause problems like:

  • Unpleasant working conditions for roofers
  • Affect the materials: soften the asphalt shingles
  • Shingles get scuffed up when walked on, making them less durable during installation.

Fall is considered the best season of the year for roof leak repair or replacement. The temperature ranges between 45 and 85-degree Fahrenheit, which allows roofers to work longer without getting overheated. Such cool weather facilitates installation and allows singles to seal effectively and withstand the elements during harsh winter. As previously stated, the fall season is the peak season of year for roof installation. Make sure to search roofing companies near me and make a booking before their schedule is filled.

Hear from the Experts
Timely planning and replacement of your roof allows you to make informed choices. Remember not to take Roof replacement cost lightly as it impacts your house’s look on the outside and the comfort and efficiency level inside.  The right approach to care for your home and roof is to hire a professional roofing contractor who will delve and inform you when it is time to replace it.

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South Jersey Elite Roofing brings their decades of expertise into giving you the best roofing solutions and affordable roofing that work for your residential properties and your budget. 

Don’t hesitate to call us today and book your free guide to find out if it’s time to replace your roof.